Commissioned Art

ACRDesign by Artist Amanda Reynolds. Greetings cards stationary and gifts. Wide selection of beautiful prints for he home. The countryside theme features art with animals and the brand Dog and Duck. Inspired by the British countryside that surrounds Amanda in the rolling hills of Yorkshire. Beautiful countryside and beautiful art. Products for people looking for cups for dogs. Gifts for dogs. Gifts for dog lovers. Gifts for ducks. Gifts for duck lovers. Countryside walks and countryside lovers.


Welcome.  If you are looking for something really different, to show someone how special they are, then a commission is perfect for you.

Easier than you think, contact

Commissioning a working  artist like me, is not just what posh folk do! Get in touch and I  will happily answer any questions you have.

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Commissioned painting of customers to sons playing knights and castles in their garden with their black Labrador pet. The painted commission is in watercolour paints by artist Amanda Reynolds.

Commissions make fantastic wedding present and birthday presents. They are perfect for pet lovers as Amanda creates pet portraits. Personalised wedding gifts. Nursery paintings. New baby gifts. Really special presents. Ideal gifts for grandmas. Ideal gifts for those who have everything. Pet portraitist for dog lovers. Pet portraits for cats lovers. Family portraits. Paintings of families. Paintings of pets. Paintings of babies.

The image is a scan of the original water colour painting of this very playful chap. Ollie the tan and white Springer Spaniel. He is in one of his favourite positions, the dead cow pose with one of his favourite things in life, a stick. Ollie is depicted wet through and laid on the grass as he is out in a walk and has been splashing in muddy puddles. There are some pretty flowers in the background that sets the painting off quite nicely. A fun and beautiful illustration of a gorgeous springer spaniel as a birthday commission for a customers daughter.

Commissioned pet portrait. With two very cheeky, tan dachshunds and their best friend, a little boy. This was a Christmas commission. They are all in the same family and the little boy loves his two best friends very much. The gift was created for the little boys first Christmas as a special present to mark the occasion. This personalised art is a lovely personalised family pet painting for the home. They are something a bit different and make a lovely gift for a special birthday or secret Santa.

A commissioned pet portrait of a very gorgeous white and tan springer spaniel. Commissioned as a surprise Christmas present for the lady’s husband. We all love our dogs so much, they are more than just a pet. This personalised art, is a lovely personalised family pet painting for the home. They are something a bit different and make a lovely gift for a special birthday or secret Santa. The pet portraits are timeless presents that are fantastic for people who have everything.

A commissioned pet portrait, of a very naughty white boxer dog. He is known to pull everything apart and likes feather pillows. The watercolour painting of Ollie the boxer dog shows him sitting down in the yellow armchair with chewed arms. Surrounded by the feathers flying in the air from the feather pillow he has pulled apart. His favourite teddy bear is also missing and eye and an arm as his stuffing falls out of him. Ollie’s toy sausages hang off the armchair on a rope. He loves his toy sausages. The pink and flowery cushion sits nearby. Painted for a the family who owns Ollie. Their Mum commissioned the painting as a surprise for them all.
The image is from a community project reaching out to the different people within a community. This image is a single parent, she is holding her young daughters hand as they step over the stepping stones together. She has a baby on her back in a baby sling. The family hold their shoes in their hand as they cross this stream. The mummy wears a pink dress and the young daughter a little green dress with flowers on.